About US

We are Megan and Chris, two adventurous souls in search of a life full of love, travel and enlightenment. Both of us are from Louisiana, where there’s never a shortage of seafood, boudin and drive-thru daiquiri spots. On our 2011 honeymoon to Costa Rica we made a decision to get off the mundane hamster wheel that was our life and get out into the world and explore. We were no longer interested in working the almighty 9 to 5, looking forward to a sprinkling of weekends and one vacation a year. We wanted more out of life and needed to get rid of those material possessions that were weighing us down to do so. In September of 2012 we sold virtually everything (house, cars and quit our jobs); and said hello to a future that is unwritten. Our pursuit is no longer for possessions, but about the experiences and cultures that we have the potential to grow and learn from.


Megan is a chocolate and cheese-aholic, who enjoys two-stepping the night away on a Cajun dance floor, will forever have the travel bug, and generally loves to laugh and goof-off. On any given day you could find her with her toes in the sand or her face behind the camera. She has a Health and Human Performance degree in education from McNeese State University, but is currently following her passion in photography. She is enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography, which affords her the opportunity to study and get inspired while abroad. Check out more of her work by visiting her website megmcfarlainphotography.com, or click here.


Chris is a soccer fan through and through. He’ll never turn down a pick-up game, even if he has lost a few steps (though he thinks he hasn’t). He loves to wet his whistle with a good micro-brew, especially one that’s nice and hoppy. He has a degree in Plant Processing which he’s used for seven years, until recently, when he and his wife decided to take on this new journey. Chris plans to eventually obtain a TEFL certification to teach english abroad and immerse himself into different cultures. So stay tuned to the blog to see if he spreads his southern twang throughout the world.