Job Searching At Work?

7 months ago Travis Jacobs Comments Off on Job Searching At Work?

If you are like countless Americans you are currently searching for a job, but what if you already have one?

Most full-time jobs don’t allow the time or flexibility to conduct the robust job search required to land you a better job. Factor in family time, running errands and perhaps even a little sleep and you will be pulled in so many directions your head will explode!

Here is the inside skinny on how to make time out of your busy workday to search for a better job while at work.

Adhere to your company’s policies – The majority of employers monitor employees’ email and web browsing habits at work.  This means that if you are sending your resume to potential employers or browsing job database websites like you could be putting your current position at risk.  In fact, a recent study indicates that over 25% of employers have been forced to fire someone for violating the company’s Internet policy. Tread lightly while online at work.

Throw them for a loop – Wear a suit and tie to work for no particular reason other than dressing up.  Next time you need to come to work in a suit for an interview at a competing company there will be no suspicion or eyebrow raising as wearing a suit will not set off any red flags.

Keep your coworkers in the dark – Never use coworkers as a reference for your next position regardless of how trustworthy the individual has been in the past.

Time and place – Schedule your interviews for early mornings.  This will allow you to start the day off right with a solid interview and still be at your normal job by 9am.  If the interview goes longer than expected then the standard late arrival excuses can be applied without any second thought.  You have to be sly on this one.

What Employers Are Looking For In Today’s Job Market

It’s like the Wizard of Oz. What specifically are the employers looking for in a job candidate?  What answers are best for typical job interviews?  What makes the ideal Employee during this recession?

Almost 3 million jobs have been lost since the beginning of the year and that affects how employers are recruiting. There has been a major shift in how the HR department views its biggest asset – employees. Although there may be a major slowdown in hiring these days you can see try to better position yourself to get the job by empathizing with the Employer.


Most companies hire on a quarterly basis and we are approaching the fourth quarter. Good news.  The first quarters of the year were harsh, but there were signs of a job market revival during April and May. Look for jobs that may be seasonal (summer jobs), which can oftentimes lead to a permanent position.  The key is getting your foot in the door and June may just be your month.

In the second quarter, however, 14 percent of employers expect a decrease in headcount. An equal percentage intends to add full-time, permanent employees in the second quarter. A majority (64 percent) of employers won’t lower or increase personnel at all.


Most HR personnel actually have a positive outlook on the job prospects at their companies.  Good news for them and great news for you. Over 50% of employers believe that the stimulus bill passed by congress will increase the amount of job openings available at their company.

The forecast also finds that human-resources managers have a positive outlook for their companies, as nearly half believe the economic stimulus will improve their ability to get more business. Once business improves, 23 percent of these managers intend to rehire workers who have been laid off due to the economy.


It is no secret that corporations are trimming back perks, packages and of course compensation. The key is to use this to your advantage by accepting a lower pay while negotiating other benefits. This could include more time off, flexible work hours or use of company services (cell phone, laptop, etc.).